CRS Designation

Overview of the CRS Designation

CRS LogoThe Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) designation provides you with in-depth knowledge about business planning, making listing presentations, negotiating and closing transactions, working in buyers' and sellers' best interests, and building a referral business.

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CRS Courses from the IAR School of Real Estate

The IAR School of Real Estate offers CRS courses throughout the year.

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Fast Track Program

If you're thinking about earning the CRS designation - consider the IAR School of Real Estate's GRI/CRS Fast Track Program. This unique program allows you to earn both the GRI and CRS designations in about a year. Read more

Benefits of Earning the CRS Designation

  • On average, CRS designees have a higher volume of transactions and greater gross sales, and earn an average yearly income of $66,200 vs. $37,500 for a REALTOR® who is a non-CRS sales agent.
  • Improved business efficiency through training in business planning, effective personal marketing and delegating part of workload to personal assistants.
  • Tap into a network of professionally trained Certified Residential Specialists (CRSs) to give and get client referrals.
  •  Benefit from the Council of Residential Specialist's body of knowledge: local and national networking opportunities, CRS Courses available in different locations throughout the year.
  • Information about quality-tested products and services, and a subscription to a bimonthly magazine, The Residential Specialist.

How to Earn the CRS Designation

The following options are available to students who wish to earn the CRS Designation. Pick the program that best matches your career accomplishments. 

Program Option A  Option B  Pro Program*  Managers 
Production Requirements

75 transactions within any five years


$25 million within any five years

25 transactions (with no time frame)


$8 million with a minimum of 10 transactions within any 2 years

150 transactions


an average of $1 million per year of experience with a minimum of 40 transactions

(i.e. 10 years=$10mil, 15 years = $15mil, etc.)

Directly oversee a minimum of 400 closed residential transactions


Directly oversee $80 million in closed residential transactions


Have 4 years of real estate management experience

CRS Education Requirements

32 Credits

16 Credits must come from CRS Courses

48 Credits

16 Credits must come from CRS Courses

16 Credits

16 Credits must come from CRS Courses

48 Credits

16 Credits must come from CRS Courses

Elective Requirements

32 Credits 32 Credits N/A 32 Credits

Total Credits Required

64 Credits 80 Credits 16 Credits 80 Credits 

* To qualify for the Pro Program, individuals must be licensed for a minimum of 10 years.

How to Maintain the CRS Designation

To maintain the CRS Designation, students are required to join the CRS Council on a yearly basis. Other fees associated with the designation may be applicable. More information about membership in the CRS Council is available by calling 800-462-8841 or at

You are also encouraged to join the local Iowa CRS Chapter. More information about the Iowa CRS chapter, including an application form, is available at

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