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Online Course Overview

Homestudy courses from the Iowa Association of REALTORS® offer you the convenience of completing your education requirements at your own pace, at your home or office.

No classroom time required!

Important Information About Online Courses

  • If you are renewing a license, you may take a maximum of 24 hours of homestudy/online courses. See license renewal requirements for more information.
  • If you are looking for the online pre-license course, please click here.

Rules and Regulations for Online Courses

  1. You must score 90% or better on the final exam.
  2. You must complete each homestudy course, including any retakes of the final exam, within the allotted time frame. LectLearn and RECampus courses allow 6 months from the purchase date and Keynote courses allow 45 days.
  3. You must submit an electronic student affidavit for each homestudy course you complete. This will appear in the registration agreement with Keynote and upon course completion within the LectLearn and RECampus courses.
  4. We are automatically notified when you complete a homestudy course, and will issue a certificate via email within 6 business days of course completion.
  5. A maximum of 24 hours may be taken by home study/online courses.
  6. All homestudy sales are final; no refunds or exchanges are available.

Mandatory Renewal Online Courses

Ethics - Acting with Integrity (Online) – Cost: $40.00

4 hours Real Estate Mandatory and/or Elective CE (LectLearn course)

This course introduces the latest research in business ethics and includes images, charts, and graphs to help you master the concepts, plus video role-plays and chapter-summaries to keep you engaged. Additionally, this class satisfies the NAR quadrennial ethics requirement.

Law Update (Online) – Cost: $50.00

8 hours Real Estate Mandatory and/or Elective CE (LectLearn course)

This 8-hour online course covers key Iowa laws relevant to the practice of real estate:  license, fraud, and misrepresentation, agency, licensee responsibilities, disclosures, fair housing laws, and more.

Elective Renewal Online Courses

Septic Systems and Time of Transfer Inspections (Online) - Cost: $20.00

2 hours Real Estate Elective CE (LectLearn course)

Beginning in 2009, Iowa law required that every building served by a septic system have that septic system inspected prior to a deed transfer. This course will explain the inspection requirements and procedures and outline some of the issues you may have to deal with during the inspection process. The course begins by describing the types of legal septic systems and how they operate and are maintained. The objective of the inspection program is to ensure that every home has adequate wastewater treatment.

Foreclosure in Iowa:  How to Help Owners and Buyers While Building Your Business (Online) - Cost: $20.00

2 hours Real Estate Elective CE (LectLearn course)

Unfortunately, today, foreclosure has become a reality for all too many American homeowners.  For REALTORS®, this reality translates into a new way of doing business. This course is designed to help you, the REALTOR®, understand the foreclosure process while building strong partnerships with homeowners either buying or selling a home.  In addition to providing definitions, timelines, solutions, and listing opportunities, this course also includes additional resources to expand your current knowledge of foreclosure.

Do the Math: Trust Accounting (Online) - Cost: $30.00

3 hours Real Estate Elective CE (LectLearn course)

In this course you will learn the basic rules regarding a trust account. You will review the rules for establishing and maintaining the account as well as when and how deposits and payments are to be made. Included in the course are a few typical trust account transactions which you will be required to post to the general ledger and the appropriate sub-ledgers. To complete the course you will be required to successfully balance the sub-ledgers to the general ledger.

Section 1031 Exchanges (Online) - Cost: $30.00

3 hours Real Estate Elective CE (LectLearn course)

This course will cover basic and intermediate exchange principles including how to determine if an exchange is appropriate, what properties qualify for exchange treatment, how and when to use a qualified intermediary company to structure the transaction, documentation requirements, important rules and restrictions, reverse exchanges and complex exchange issues.

Delivering Incredible Customer Service (Online) - Cost: $30.00

3 hours Real Estate Elective CE (LectLearn course)

This course is designed to help participants develop an understanding of customer service as a strategic business advantage.

Contract Law for Real Estate Professionals (online) – Cost: $40

Video Instructor: Vernon Jarboe
4 hours Real Estate Elective CE (Keynote course)

This course brings an understanding of what constitutes a contract, how to write a contract, the critical importance of the contract in the real estate transaction, and what to be aware of in the process. It also explains earnest money, financing, inspections, title and closing, post-closing, and much more.

Mastering Real Estate Negotiations (online) – Cost: $40

Video Instructor: Jackie Leavenworth
4 hours Real Estate Elective CE (Keynote course)

The ability to understand and recognize different negotiating styles and strategies results in successful client interactions and closed transactions. This course introduces students to "DISC Behavior Profiling," training students how to build trust and connect with others, balance emotion and logic, reduce stress, and ultimately achieve a "Win-Win-Win" negotiation.

Real Estate Investing Made Clear (online) – Cost: $40 

Video Instructor: Tom Lundstedt, CCIM
4 hours Real Estate Elective CE (Keynote course)

You'll laugh and learn as your instructor, Tom Lundstedt, CCIM, enthusiastically leads you through real world, rental property examples. When you've completed this course, you'll be able to comfortably "talk the talk" with your investor clients about such items as: cash flow, NOI, depreciation, rate of return, income tax savings and much more. This course will increase your confidence when working with investor clients and open your eyes to many new opportunities.

Successful Buyer Client Systems (online) – Cost: $40

Video Instructor: Chandra Hall
4 hours Real Estate Elective CE (Keynote course)

This course will provide real estate professionals with the proper training, technology, tools and systems to generate more successfully completed closings by educating buyers on the buying process, and by helping buyers negotiate the best terms for a loan and for a purchase.  Discover hands-on systems and solutions to improve your productivity and manage the process of working with buyers to generate a higher return on your investment.  

Successful Seller Client Systems (online) – Cost: $40

Video Instructor: Jackie Leavenworth
4 hours Real Estate Elective CE (Keynote course)

Working with today’s sellers is a process that begins with a phone call and should end with referrals after a successful close. The steps in the process require systems and skills.  This course takes real estate professionals through each step of the process and includes unique strategies, dialogues and skill sets to enhance the professional counseling and services provided to today's sellers.

Tax Considerations for Home Owners (online) – Cost: $40

Video Instructor: Chris Bird
4 hours Real Estate Elective CE (Keynote course)

This course equips real estate professionals with the fundamental understanding of tax opportunities and obligations related to home ownership. With the information provided, real estate professionals can raise the awareness of their clients regarding key issues requiring the assistance of a qualified expert.

Fair Housing (Online) - Cost:  $50.00

6 hours Real Estate Elective CE (REcampus course)

Recent fair housing legislation has been aimed at dramatically strengthening the enforcement mechanisms and remedies enacted in 1968. Agents today must be careful to deliver "equal professional service" to avoid legal trouble. This course helps students provide the consistency, objectivity, and documentation of service that the law requires.

Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs and Auctions (Online) – Cost: $50.00

6 hours Real Estate Elective CE (REcampus course)

With the number of homes going into foreclosure and short sales today reaching unprecedented highs, it is increasingly important for licensees to stay current on these topics so as to remain competitive and successful in the market. This continuing education title discusses four hot topics in today’s market: Foreclosures, Short Sales, REOs, and Auctions.

Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Sales (Online) – Cost: $50

6 hours Real Estate Elective CE (REcampus course)

This elective provides a comprehensive introduction to the potentially lucrative field of commercial real estate. Discussion includes the categories of commercial property, financial elements involved in real estate investments, and developing a marketing plan.

Mortgage Fraud & Predatory Lending (Online) – Cost: $70

8 hours Real Estate Elective CE (REcampus course)

This course addresses the hand-in-hand issues of predatory lending and mortgage fraud, and how they affect foreclosed and repossessed properties. Each chapter is devoted to a specific topic and includes a definition and discussion of the issue, relevant information, and the impact of the topic on real estate agents. Learning features such as case studies, key terms, and end-of-chapter multiple-choice questions with answer rationales help emphasize important concepts.

Real Estate Finance Today (Online) – Cost:  $50

‚Äč6 hours Real Estate Elective CE (REcampus course)

In a time of financial restructuring and a rapidly developing regulatory environment, this latest version of Real Estate Finance Today offers an invaluable resource for real estate professionals practicing in several different fields. From the restructuring of government organizations like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to updated private policies regulating loan limits and flood insurance, this new edition takes the pulse of the financial environment in 2014 and explains it with clear language and advanced educational concepts. Key terms, case studies, unit quizzes, financial appendices, and other learning tools make this the best bet for staying up to speed in today’s fast-moving real estate economy.

Risk Management (Online) – Cost:  $50

6 hours Real Estate Elective CE (REcampus course)

This course explores the risk management essentials that every sales professional needs to know in order to avoid legal problems. Furthermore, Risk Management provides an action plan for minimizing liability and helps professionals establish procedures for education, risk-shifting, risk anticipation, and risk control.

Exam Prep Courses

Iowa Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank v1.0 (Online) - Cost: $22.99

What do you get when you put over 50 years of licensing and exam preparation behind one comprehensive test engine? QBanks! Students can easily prepare themselves for the state portion of the Iowa real estate licensing exam.  Quiz yourself with almost two-hundred multiple-choice questions and view answer explanations.  You can choose the number of questions, to use only new questions or even use only questions that you’ve previously missed.  There’s no such thing as being overprepared for an exam—try it out today!

The Iowa Guide to Passing the PSI Exam QBank (Online) – Cost:  $99

What do you get when you put over 50 years of licensing and exam preparation experience behind one comprehensive test engine? You get the power to pass the Iowa PSI exam! You’ll be as prepared as possible when you test yourself with thousands of questions on the industry’s most advanced interactive testing platform ever created. Our QBank gives you the power to simulate nearly every test environment imaginable: from full-length licensing exams to individual topic mini-exams, you can create exactly the test you need to improve your score.


  • Quiz yourself with hundreds of multiple-choice questions
  • Build exams using the topics and number of questions you select
  • View answer explanations

Key Points:

  • Pinpoint problem areas with customized exams
  • Create personal notes and bookmarks
  • Access your QBank online when and where it is convenient for you
  • There’s no such thing as being “over-prepared”

Online Designation Courses

Visit the National Association of REALTORS® Center for REALTOR® Development for many online professional development opportunities including designation courses, informational webinars, and even courses approved for continuing education by the CE Shop  (These courses will NOT show up on your IAR CE record). 

For more information on designations and certifications, click here.