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    Announcing Our New Member Benefit:
    Online Credit Checking through Experian ConnectSM

    It is essential to check your client's credit information to evaluate their financial picture. Experian Connect allows you to review the personal credit score, report and history of your potential clients and tenants, who have granted you access.

    Experian Connect lets you:

    • View client’s credit report and score directly through the bureau
    • Check client’s public record information, credit inquiries & payment history
    • Get one or more reports

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Once you create your account on Experian Connect and you have completed authentication, you can request your potential client’s credit report. After your client completes authentication and accepts your request they can:

  • Purchase and view their credit information for $14.95
  • Grant you access to view their credit report and score for up to 30 days from purchase

You will be able to quickly view your potential client’s credit report and score.
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