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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we switching to Form Simplicity?

Form Simplicity includes many new features that were requested by the IAR membership. IAR staff conducted surveys of the membership in 2009 and 2010, and an improved forms system was the top requested feature by the IAR membership.

Who made the decision to switch to Form Simplicity?

In early 2010, IAR staff contacted local boards and asked local boards to recommend representatives to serve on a forms system selection committee. This committee was made up of REALTORS® from both large and small boards in Iowa. The committee helped IAR staff identify the desired features in a forms system and reviewed potential forms systems through vendor demos and product information. With the feedback from the committee, IAR staff submitted a recommendation to the IAR Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee selected Form Simplicity as the forms vendor at the December 2010 quarterly meetings.

How much does Form Simplicity cost?

The IAR is pleased to be able to provide the "basic edition" of Form Simplicity to all Iowa REALTOR® members as part of the IAR annual dues. Members can optionally upgrade to other versions of Form Simplicity for additional yearly charge - but again, this is an optional upgrade and is not required.

I don't see my local board forms in Form Simplicity...

As of mid-October 2011 all local board forms should be available in Form Simplicity. If you are a member of more than one board and you do not see all of the local boards in Form Simplicity, please email us and let us know.

I can't find a form in Form Simplicity...

Form Simplicity includes a search function that can help you find a form. When viewing the forms library in Form Simplicity, locate the "Find Form" box near the top of the list of forms. Type a word that describes the form you're looking for and click the "Find" button. For example - if you're looking for the "Offer for Real Estate" form, type the word offer and then click the "Find" button.