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Mandatory Renewal Online Courses

Law UpDATE - Cost $90.00

8 hours Real Estate Mandatory Renewal CE

The purpose of this mandatory Law Update course is to ensure licensees review important areas of law that significantly impact their day-to-day real estate business. This course includes group discussion and activities about Agency, Broker obligations to clients, Education Requirements, Real Estate terms, Federal Laws, Code of Iowa, Real Estate Commission violations, Contracts, Trust Accounts, Advertising, RESPA, ADA, Fair Housing, and more.

Ethics Acting With INTEGRITY - $40.00

4 hours Real Estate Mandatory Renewal CE

In this course you will review the process of emotional intelligence, the 4 paradigms from which people live and the core beliefs of each paradigm, as well as how personal integrity can define acts in your personal and professional life. The course will also survey the National Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics history and structure as well as evaluate real-life case studies and their outcomes. 


Elective Renewal Online Courses

Septic Systems and Time of Transfer Inspections - Cost: $20.00

2 hours Real Estate Elective CE

Beginning in 2009, Iowa law required that every building served by a septic system have that septic system inspected prior to a deed transfer. This course will explain the inspection requirements and procedures and outline some of the issues you may have to deal with during the inspection process. The course begins by describing the types of legal septic systems and how they operate and are maintained. The objective of the inspection program is to ensure that every home has adequate wastewater treatment.

Foreclosure in Iowa:  How to Help Owners and Buyers While Building Your Business - Cost: $20.00

2 hours Real Estate Elective CE

Unfortunately, today, foreclosure has become a reality for all too many American homeowners.  For REALTORS®, this reality translates into a new way of doing business. This course is designed to help you, the REALTOR®, understand the foreclosure process while building strong partnerships with homeowners either buying or selling a home.  In addition to providing definitions, timelines, solutions, and listing opportunities, this course also includes additional resources to expand your current knowledge of foreclosure.

Section 1031 Exchanges - Cost: $30.00

3 hours Real Estate Elective CE

This course will cover basic and intermediate exchange principles including how to determine if an exchange is appropriate, what properties qualify for exchange treatment, how and when to use a qualified intermediary company to structure the transaction, documentation requirements, important rules and restrictions, reverse exchanges and complex exchange issues.

Closing The Sale - Cost: $30.00

3 hours Real Estate Elective CE

This course will take you through the closing process.  You will study deeds and what makes a valid deed through the different forms of deeds. Then you will go through the duties and the responsibilities of the sellers, the buyers and the agent or closing agent. You will learn more about the abstract and title insurance process and how Iowa’s Title Guaranty works. Lastly, you will review the closing documents of a typical transaction.

Contracts of A Transaction - Cost: $30.00

3 hours Real Estate Elective CE

In this course, you will study the essentials of the various contracts used in a real estate transaction.  This course uses the forms of the Iowa Association of REALTORS which contain the points typically required for a transaction.

Elements of Brokerage - Cost: $20.00

2 hours Real Estate Elective CE

This course will help you understand how real estate brokerage has gone through changes over the years.  The course will take you through the different brokerage models as well as your role as an independent contractor. You will also learn how the business works today and what is expected from you as an agent.

Financing the Sale - Cost: $30.00

3 hours Real Estate Elective CE 

This course will take you through the different types of financing real estate and the different agencies that make real estate loans.  You will learn the requirements of obtaining a mortgage loan as well as the obligations of the borrower after the loan is obtained. You will also study the requirements of the agencies making the loans.

Governmental Influences on Real Estate - Cost: $30.00

3 hours Real Estate Elective CE 

This course takes you through the various influences government has on ownership and transfer of real estate. Topics reviewed are Police Power, Taxes, Environmental issues, Taxation, Anti-Trust, Fair Housing, and Lending Issues.

Ownership Opportunities - Cost: $20.00

2 hours Real Estate Elective CE 

This course will go through ownership of property and the different forms of home ownership.  Even though title to property has no distinction between residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural, there are different tax advantages and police powers.  In this course we are going to deal more with residential forms of ownership but will also look at investment opportunities of real estate.

Principles of Valuation  - Cost: $30.00

3 hours Real Estate Elective CE

This valuation course will take you through the principles of valuation.  It will discuss the different types of value as well as what determines value.  It will also go through the appraisal process and what goes into developing a proper competitive market analysis.  You will also complete a practice competitive market analysis as part of this course.

Property Management Basics - Cost: $30.00 

3 hours Real Estate Elective CE 

This course takes you through the basics of property management.  The opportunities in property management are reviewed as well as an overview of the property management contract, the lease contract, the requirements of Federal Laws, the eviction process, and a review of Forcible Entry and Detainer.  This course can serve as a guide for the person wanting to add property management to their business.

Review of Anti-Trust and Ethics - Cost: $20.00

2 hours Real Estate Elective CE 

This course studies the various Anti-Trust Laws and the enforcement and penalties of those laws. You will learn the pitfalls of loose conversation about commission rates and other common statements some agents make that are troublesome. The course then goes through the ethics of agents and you will observe in five videos some actions that are easily made that are unethical.

Understanding Agency/Representation - Cost: $20.00

2 hours Real Estate Elective CE

This course will take you through the background of the Iowa agency laws and the principals of agency. You will review the fiduciary duties of an agent, the timing of required agency disclosure and the different forms of agency that is allowed in Iowa.

Understanding Legal Descriptions - Cost: $20.00

2 hours Real Estate Elective CE
This course will go through the different ways of legally describing real estate.  You will study the history of the rectangular survey system and the evolvement of the various methods over the years.  You will also have a better understanding of the basis for the different methods and why they are used.

60 Hour Pre-license Course

60 hours Pre-license Online Self-Study

 This course offers comprehensive instruction on the fundamentals of Real Estate. To learn more click here. 

All 60-hour salesperson pre-license courses offered by the Iowa Association of REALTORS® are accredited with the Iowa Real Estate Commission. These mandatory courses were created to provide the most comprehensive coverage of all required aspects of the real estate industry; giving you a concrete foundation to pass your test and build your real estate career.

IMPORTANT: Iowa law allows you six months to complete the online course. Extensions beyond six months cannot be provided. Per Iowa law, there are no exceptions.