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The Iowa Association of REALTORS®, the Judy and Gary Stevens Scholarship and the REALTOR® Foundation of Iowa all are offering scholarship opportunities this year. The scholarships will generally be based upon two selections from each of the eight regions within the IAR Regions.

The scholarships are for Iowa high school seniors, who plan on furthering their education in any field. We are soliciting nominations from REALTOR® members who personally know the student (which may be REALTOR® family members) who are worthy of consideration for a scholarship. The REALTOR® Member should state, in their own words, why and what makes the candidate/nominee worthy of consideration.

The criteria for nominations are NOT necessarily based upon their academic or athletic abilities but will be evaluated upon a general sense of the student, including qualities such as good character, community service, volunteerism, work ethic, etc. In sum, how they have made and will continue to make a positive influence.

Nominations must be received from active REALTOR® members by March 19, 2018. To submit a nomination, please use the electronic form by clicking the button below.

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