2018 Local RPAC Events 

Find out more information about individual events via the Local Board host. 

June 13th: Cedar Rapids RPAC Golf Outing

June 20th: Central Iowa RPAC Quack Event @ 11:30 am  

June 25th: NEIBOR Phone Bank Day

June 28th- Southeast Iowa Board RPAC event, 6pm-9pm at the Armory in Middletown  

June 28th- Southwest Iowa Association RPAC Golf Bash  

August 9th: Cedar Rapids RPAC Pub Crawl (4:30-8:00pm)   Crawl starts at 4:30 at Pub 217 then to the Grin and Goose, Penguin's for food and auction at 6:30.

August 9th: Southwest Iowa Association RPAC Bowling Tournament  

August 14th: NEIBOR REALTOR® PARTY Pary, Single Speed Brewery - Major Donor Event   

August 30th: ICAAR Golf Outing (RPAC Golf Hole)   

September 3-7th: Statewide RPAC Phone Bank