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The Iowa Association of REALTORS® could not operate without the many members serving on committees, workgroups, and task forces.
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Committees, Workgroups, Task Forces

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors, and between meetings of the Board of Directors exercises the functions of the Board of Directors, except in matters related to policies of the Association. The Executive Committee establishes an operating budget that maintains adequate reserves, and recommends an investment program for all funds not needed for current operating accounts. The committee manages revenue, non-dues revenue, and expenses to achieve a balanced budget and evaluates reserve policies.This committee consists of the IAR President, President-Elect, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Treasurer, and 12 at-large members serving 3 year terms.  The President of the Association shall serve as chairman of the Executive Committee.

20 by 2025 Workgroup

This is a workgroup  to utilize past IAR state presidents and other leaders to locate dedicated, talented, and driven individuals to serve in non-political and political capacities such as state and local committees, mayors, council people, state congressional seats, etc. Learn more about 20 by 2025. 

Board Executive Officers Committee

This committee is charged with developing communications with local Boards and Associations, providing membership with information on Association issues, and attracting new members and affiliates. The committee is composed of the Executive Officers of the local Member Boards/Associations. 

Bylaws Committees

The Bylaws Committee is charged with reviewing the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Association to determine if the documents are up to date and in full compliance with National Association of REALTORS® policies. Any changes recommended by the Bylaws Committee are submitted to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors for review. The committee is made up of the IAR Leadership Team and the Regional Vice Presidents.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee of the Iowa Association of REALTORS® is responsible for the overall public relations of the Association and for maintaining a high level of communication between the State Association, the Local Boards and Associations, and the individual member. 

Housing Opportunity Committee 

REALTORS® are ideally situated to improve housing opportunities where they live. This committee will explore various ways Iowa REALTORS® can reach out to those who need greater access to quality, affordable home ownership and rental opportunities. This will include investigating the various opportunities for national and state programs, grants, training and resources to expand housing availability.

Legislative Committee 

The legislative committee works directly with Association lobbying staff to help promote Association legislative goals as set forth in the Association Statement of Policy. This group is very active each spring and meets weekly via web conference to discuss the latest legislation being introduced by the Iowa Legislature and to determine if the legislation is in the best interest of the Association and its members. Iowa REALTORS® can thank this group for recent legislative victories protecting private property rights and the place of the REALTOR® in a real estate transaction.

Member Involvement and Visionary Forum

This forum allows IAR Realtor members to share ideas to improve member involvement and discuss ideas for the future role of the association. Every member is welcome to attend this Forum.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee of the Iowa Association of REALTORS® is responsible for reviewing the status of employed staff and hearing special concerns that may be brought by the Chief Executive Officer. The Committee shall review staff salaries and benefits as recommended by the Chief Executive Officer and shall conduct regular performance appraisals of the Chief Executive Officer. This is a closed committee.

Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee is responsible for encouraging a high level of professional business conduct and upholding and enforcing the REALTOR® Code of Ethics.

Public Policy Coordinating Committee

The Public Policy Coordinating Committee has responsibility for areas of the Association relating to governmental activity, including, but not limited to, REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC), Iowa Legislative activity, local issues, all political affairs activity including lobbying, State and Federal contact systems and Issues Mobilization. The Public Policy Coordinating Committee is charged with setting policy for these activities within the framework of the Iowa Association of REALTORS® Statement of Policy. This is a closed meeting, with visitors by invitation only. 

Risk Management Workgroup 

The Risk Management Workgroup has the responsibility with keeping the Association and its members aware of the areas of risk and to develop and coordinate plans of action to aid the membership in Risk Management.

RPAC Trustees

The RPAC Trustees are charged with the duty of deciding which political candidates the Iowa Association of REALTORS® should support. RPAC is permitted to make direct contributions to state candidates, but is limited to recommending candidate selection to the National RPAC Trustees with regard to national races. There are 9 RPAC voting Trustees and 3 non-voting Trustees. The Trustees consist of a REALTOR® member from each of Iowa’s Congressional Districts; REALTOR® member from each of Iowa’s two U.S. Senate Districts; two at-large REALTORS®; and the President-Elect of the IAR. 

REALTOR® Foundation of Iowa 

The REALTORS® Foundation of Iowa (RFI) was established to promote REALTOR® contributions to Iowa communities, including charitable and educational giving.  RFI is a separate 501(c)3 organization. RFI has its own board of directors. Learn more.

Young Professionals Network (YPN) 

The purpose of IAR’s YPN is to provide leadership opportunities for young real estate professionals, to provide education to its members, to encourage them to give back to the community and their industry, and to provide networking opportunities so that members can learn and socialize with their peers. There is no age restriction for this group. The Iowa YPN Advisory Board meets at all IAR meetings. 


IAR Leadership and Regional Vice Presidents

If you are interested in applying for a position in IAR Leadership or as a Regional Vice President, please access this Application for Nomination form

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