Facing the Reality Podcast

The real estate industry is facing a Reality Check in so many ways. Listen in as Iowa Association of REALTORS® CEO Gavin Blair interviews leaders and innovators from Iowa and across the country.

EPISODE 4 WITH Gabe Walsh, Director of Legal Affairs and Risk Management

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EPISODE 3 WITH Nobu Hata, CEO, Denver Metro Association of realtors

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Episode 2 with John Mosey, President and CEO, Northstar MLS

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IAR CEO Gavin Blair sits down with John Mosey, CEO of Northstar MLS to discuss the current state of the MLS in our region and across the country. Don't miss their thoughts on the future of the MLS.

Episode 1 with IAR President Jen Burkamper

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In our inaugural episode of Facing the REALity, IAR CEO Gavin Blair sits down with IAR 2021 President Jen Burkamper to discuss the current state of real estate in Iowa and issues that Realtors face everyday.  Topics include the "crazy" market, clear cooperation, the future of the MLS, Jen's passion for helping new Realtors, how IAR is raising the bar of the profession, Buyer Love Letters and IAR's Legal Breakdown Videos, and the IAR Diversity Committee's important planning for the future.