Online Education

Homestudy courses from the Iowa Association of REALTORS® offer you the convenience of completing your education requirements at your own pace, at your home or office or on the go!

 No classroom time required!

Important Information About Online Courses

  • If you are renewing a license, you may take a maximum of 24 hours of homestudy/online courses. See license renewal requirements for more information.
  • IAR uses three different online systems to offer a wide variety of classes:  LectLearn, Keynote, and REcampus.  Take note of the learning system when you register to make logging on simpler.
  • NAR Certification and Designation courses are also available online through the Center for REALTOR® Development.  Your CE certificates for these courses will not appear on your IAR record as the continuing education certificates are processed through the CE Shop.

Rules and Regulations for Online Courses

  1. You must score 90% or better on the final exam.
  2. You must complete each homestudy course, including any retakes of the final exam, within the allotted time frame. LectLearn and RECampus courses allow 6 months from the purchase date and Keynote courses allow 45 days.
  3. You must submit an electronic student affidavit for each homestudy course you complete. This will appear in the registration agreement with Keynote and upon course completion within the LectLearn and RECampus courses.
  4. We are automatically notified when you complete a homestudy course, and will upload your certificate of completion to My Account within 6 business days of course completion.
  5. A maximum of 24 hours may be taken by home study/online courses.
  6. All homestudy sales are final; no refunds or exchanges are available.

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LectLearn is the online learning system created by IAR. One of the benefits of creating your own system is that we are able to make instant updates as changes may happen and the courses are written by Iowa natives. For course descriptions and registration, click on the LectLearn logo.  

Law Update- 8 hours mandatory- Cost: $90.00

Ethics- 4 hours mandatory - Cost $40.00

Septic Systems and Time of Transfer Inspections – 2 hours elective – Cost: $20.00

Foreclosure in Iowa: How to Help Owners and Buyers While Building Your Business – 2 hours elective – Cost: $20.00

Section 1031 Exchanges – 3 hours elective – Cost: $30.00

Closing The Sale – 3 hours elective – Cost: $30.00

Contracts of A Transaction – 3 hours elective – Cost: $30.00

Elements of Brokerage – 2 hours elective – Cost: $20.00

Financing the Sale – 3 hours elective – Cost: $30.00

Governmental Influences on Real Estate – 3 hours elective – Cost: $30.00

Ownership Opportunities – 2 hours elective – Cost: $20.00

Principles of Valuation – 3 hours elective – Cost: $30.00

Property Management Basics – 3 hours elective – Cost: $30.00

Review of Anti-Trust and Ethics – 2 hours elective – Cost: $20.00

Understanding Agency/Representation – 2 hours elective – Cost: $20.00

Understanding Legal Descriptions – 2 hours elective – Cost: $20.00

Salesperson Pre- license - 60 hours pre- license coursework- Cost: $ 425.00


Keynote courses allow you to see some of the very best real estate experts in our country when you are available. Since these courses are video-based, you will have more watching to do than reading. Even the quizzes are in a variety of formats to keep things engaging.

Contract Law for Real Estate Professionals  – Cost: $40
Video Instructor: Vernon Jarboe – 4 hours Real Estate Elective

Fair Housing and Beyond – Cost $40
Video Instructor: Paul McLaughlin – 4 hours Real Estate Elective CE

Mastering Real Estate Negotiations  – Cost: $40
Video Instructor: Jackie Leavenworth – 4 hours Real Estate Elective CE

Meeting the Needs of Buyers and Sellers – Cost: $40
Video Instructor: Chandra Hall – 4 hours Real Estate Elective CE

Real Estate Investing Made Clear  – Cost: $40 
Video Instructor: Tom Lundstedt, CCIM – 4 hours Real Estate Elective

Successful Buyer Client Systems  – Cost: $40
Video Instructor: Chandra Hall – 4 hours Real Estate Elective

Successful Seller Client Systems  – Cost: $40
Video Instructor: Jackie Leavenworth – 4 hours Real Estate Elective

Tax Considerations for Home Owners  – Cost: $40
Video Instructor: Chris Bird – 4 hours Real Estate Elective 


REcampus courses are designed with special learning features tailored to adult learners. Make sure you read carefully as the final exam is intended to test what you have learned and will not review which questions were missed.

 Exam Prep Courses

Along with continuing education, REcampus has also created an Iowa prelicense course. Companions to this course are the QBank study materials. These resources are available to study for the Iowa portion, or in a combined package that will help you study for both the Iowa and national portions of the licensing exam. These materials are applicable for both the salesperson exam and the broker exam.

60hr Pre-License Course - Cost: $425

Iowa Real Estate Professional Track (includes 60hr Pre-License Course + Complete Drill & Practice QBank) - Cost: $ 499

Complete Iowa Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank v2.0 - Cost: $99.00

Iowa Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank v2.0  - Cost: $22.99

 NAR Designation Courses

Visit the National Association of REALTORS® Center for REALTOR® Development for many online professional development opportunities including designation courses, informational webinars, and even courses approved for continuing education by the CE Shop  (These courses will NOT show up on your IAR CE record). For more information on designations and certifications, click here.