Legal Hotline

The IAR Legal Hotline is a resource for only IAR members and strives to provide a source of legal information that is educational in nature and covers broad issues affecting our industry.   

Although an attorney staffs the Legal Hotline and answers questions about legal topics, there is not an attorney-client relationship formed. The information supplied by an IAR Attorney is not intended to nor shall it be considered legal advice. Members should contact their own private attorney for legal advice.

 Please visit the Iowa State Bar Association to find a local attorney.

You may ask a question to the IAR Legal Hotline by calling 888-636-2622 or by emailing during the scheduled hotline hours. Our attorney will review your question and respond accordingly. Your question may also be posted online or shared with other members (excluding identifying information) because the purpose of any questions asked on the hotline is to provide education to all members and lower their risk in the profession. Please read the terms and conditions before using the hotline. By asking a question to the Legal Hotline, you agree to the terms and conditions found here


 The Legal Hotline will generally be available for IAR Members during the hours posted below, excluding holidays and both IAR and NAR conferences and meetings. Only questions directed to either 888-636-2622 or will be answered. If you are unable to reach the attorney via phone, please leave a message with your name, contact information, and a brief summary of your legal issue in order to receive a call back. Questions will be answered as timely as practicable. Although the hotline will generally be open at these hours, other obligations of the legal department may arise where the attorney may not be readily available on the hotline. Immediate assistance on a legal matter that is time sensitive is always a situation where independent legal counsel should be obtained.