Community Events and Interpretation Support

Languages Survey

To work in the best interest of clients and the community, IAR is committed to providing language and translation resources to our members. To gain a better understanding of our membership and the need for interpretation services, IAR has created a language survey to engage with our members on this topic and learn more about the makeup of our membership. In order to help our efforts, please fill out our languages form to indicate your fluency in various languages so we can update our records and provide future interpretation resources. 

Community Organizations

Several community organizations across the state are committed to DEI efforts. We encourage IAR members to become involved in these groups and participate in their events.


OneIowa seeks to improve the lives of LGBTQ Iowans by protecting and advancing equality and inclusiveness through education, improving workplace culture, and increasing access to quality healthcare across our state.

Iowa Civil Rights Commission

The Iowa Civil Rights Commission is a neutral, fact-finding law enforcement agency. The mission of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission is to end discrimination within the state of Iowa. To achieve this goal, the ICRC must effectively enforce the Iowa Civil Rights Act. The Commission's primary duty is to enforce state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination in employment, public accommodations, housing, education and credit by investigating and litigating civil rights complaints. The Commission also provides conflict resolution services including mediation and conciliation for civil rights matters. In addition to its role as a law enforcement agency, the Commission works to prevent discrimination by providing training and education to the public.

Iowa & Nebraska NAACP

The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of minority citizens of the United States.  Eliminating racial prejudice,  racial hatred and racial discrimination. 

Iowa Asian Alliance

The Iowa Asian Alliance works to unite diverse Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities with the purpose of fostering economic growth and broader community development within the state of Iowa. 

Latino Center of Iowa

Latino Center of Iowa provides a space that promotes culture and develops leadership and connections for the future of the Latino community and Central Iowa.

Iowa Department of Human Rights

The mission of the Iowa Department of Human Rights is to ensure basic rights, freedoms and opportunities for all by empowering underrepresented Iowans and eliminating economic, social and cultural barriers.   We help individuals attain economic independence by ensuring access to government services and advancing educational achievement and entrepreneurial success consistent with their aspirations.