How to File an Ethics Complaint

  1. Consult the Code of Ethics (COE) to define which Articles may have been violated
  2. Write a detailed narrative providing specific reasons for each violation
  3. Gather supporting documentation, including listing agreements, purchase agreements, representation contracts, or disclosure forms
  4. Complete the Iowa Association of Realtors® online Ethics Complaint form

You must file your complaint within 180 days of the date you discovered the facts constituting the violation or closing of the transaction, whichever is later.

Incomplete Ethics Forms Will Be Delayed or Discarded

You must complete all the information requested in the form. This includes:

- Filling in your name and contact information
- Citing each specific Code of Ethics (COE) Article that may have been violated
- Providing specific details about each violation
- Attaching supporting documents that help explain the case


If a request is not properly filed, the 180-day filing timeline continues running until it is resubmitted correctly. Anonymous complaints will not be processed. 

For any questions, please email