Cristy Jones, 2024 Iowa Great Lakes Board of REALTORS® President

Cristy Jones, a seasoned real estate professional with seven years of experience, is stepping into a leadership role with a vision to foster unity and progress in the region of Iowa Great Lakes. As a member of Northwest Iowa Realty and the current President of the Iowa Great Lakes Board of REALTORS®, Cristy brings a unique blend of financial expertise and real estate experience to the forefront.

Cristy's journey into leadership began two years ago when she assumed the role of Secretary/Treasurer. Driven by the importance of serving, Cristy, saw an opportunity to bring an objective perspective to represent all members. This decision marked the beginning of her commitment to the collective growth of the real estate community.

As President in 2024, Cristy's main priority is to make sure all members are involved in the decision-making processes. She aims to promote the importance of serving on committees and taking up leadership roles, especially with the changes coming in the near future. By fostering a sense of involvement, Cristy envisions a stronger and more united real estate community.

In shaping the future of real estate in the Iowa Great Lakes region, Cristy is determined to be a representative voice for the industry. Her strategy involves growing relationships by active involvement and volunteering. Recognizing the significance of staying informed in the face of upcoming changes, Cristy emphasizes the importance of being able to address challenges and answer questions posed by members and the community.

Cristy attributes her success and growth in the real estate industry to her mentor, Kim Bates, who also serves as her broker. Kim's knowledge, respect in the community, and passion for real estate have played a pivotal role in Cristy's journey. With Kim's guidance every step of the way, Cristy feels fortunate to work alongside someone so dedicated and supportive.

The true joy of being a REALTOR® lies in the human connections, for Cristy. Meeting new people, helping them navigate the journey to homeownership, and witnessing the joy on their faces when they find their dream home are deeply gratifying experiences. Beyond transactions, Cristy cherishes the lasting friendships that often develop along the way.

Reflecting on her early years in real estate, Cristy would advise her younger self to get involved in leadership sooner. The valuable lessons learned over the past couple of years in leadership positions have shaped Cristy's perspective, making her wish she had taken the plunge earlier. The wealth of knowledge gained through leadership roles has proven to be an essential part of her professional growth.

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