Day of Diversity - CE Courses

Celebrate Day of Diversity with one of our courses featuring David Bell for only $20/ea. This is a great opportunity to become interconnected with the world and learn openness and appreciation of our differences. 

Here is a list of upcoming classes that will be held at IAR HQ in West Des Moines on Wednesday, November 16. 

Understanding Temperaments 101

IN PERSON ONLY |  West Des Moines  | November 16 | 9:00AM-11:00AM

The goal in this 2 hour class is to distill a 6-hour course down to 120 minutes to help you as front-line supervisors to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Write down words or draw images. Who you truly are? Remove pressures, responsibilities, expectations of the roles you fulfill in life. Think of yourself on a deserted island, mountain top, relaxing location free from pressure, stress, and expectations understand what makes you tick. Construct a page that represents your pure self: Motivates you, Things you enjoy, Creates happiness, Feel loved.

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Emotional Intelligence  

HYBRID* | West Des Moines  | November 16 |  11:00AM - Noon

Improve your physical health. Decrease stress and support your mental health. Makes you more popular in social setting. Increase your performance in your career, education or vocation allows for better and more intimate relationships Oh and makes you more money! 1 hour of CE. 

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Outsmarting Unconscious Bias

HYBRID* | West Des Moines  | November 16 | 1:00PM-2:00PM

During this course we will acknowledge the three stages of unconscious bias and describe bias behaviors. We will participate in stereotype casting awareness and identify ways to sponsor others, neutralize exclusion and amply others. Going forward, we will be more aware of our own proclivity towards bias.

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Micro Aggressions

HYBRID* | West Des Moines  | November 16 | 2:15PM-3:15PM

The purpose is to recognize what micro aggression are, better understand how they impact other and promote respectful and productive dialogue around the topic.

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Effective Communications

HYBRID* | West Des Moines  | November 16 | 3:30PM-4:30PM

Communication has always been essential to outstanding leadership, and today it is even more essential as we face uncertain times and many questions about the future. Setting expectations is the foundation of leadership communication, but don't forget to set expectations of yourself. Leadership development requires that you hold yourself to high standards of quality and accountability, and communication is as critical as any technical skills you may have.

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*For students taking Hybrid CE classes via live streaming (Zoom) option.  

  • Camera and Microphone required in order to receive class credit. 
  • No driving/riding, exercising/walking or cell phone use during class. 
  • Zoom link, Handouts and Class survey included in class confirmation/class reminders from
Iowa Association of REALTORS

This article was written as a collaboration of IAR Staff members or invited subject matter experts.

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