Deb Fowler, 2024 Southeast Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS® President

In the real estate world, where expertise meets community service, Deb Fowler stands out as a beacon of leadership and dedication. With an impressive 27 years of experience under her belt, Deb is a proud member of the Southeast Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS® (SEIRBOR) community and a proud affiliate of c21 Property Professionals Inc.

Deb's journey into leadership within her local board was driven by a desire to give back and serve her fellow members. Since joining the board, Deb has been involved in recognizing the importance of staying informed on issues that impact clients and customers alike.

As President of SEIRBOR® in 2024, Deb's priorities are focused on collaboration, communication, and consistency. By fostering collaboration among members and the Iowa Association of REALTORS®, Deb aims to ensure that vital information reaches the membership, helping them understand the role of both organizations. Additionally, Deb plans to review forms and promote consistency to enhance member experience and efficiency.

Deb hopes to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of real estate in her community by serving as a resource and advocate for collaboration. Through active participation in local volunteer opportunities, charity events, and raising awareness of local needs, Deb seeks to foster a sense of community engagement among real estate professionals.

Tina Daniels, a CRS teacher, holds a special place as Deb's mentor. Tina's teachings on rentals, investing, and her easy-to-understand style have had a lasting impact on Deb since she first took her course in 2007. Although Tina has passed away, her influence continues to inspire Deb in her journey.

For Deb, the true joy of being a REALTOR® lies in the friendships and long-term relationships forged over the years. These connections are a testament to the profound impact that real estate professionals can have on their clients' lives beyond transactions.

Reflecting on her early years in the industry, Deb's advice to herself would be to embrace the learning process without fear. Not knowing the answer is an opportunity for growth and gaining the experience needed to succeed in the field. 

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