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We have some great news! Our ongoing efforts at the Capitol and during the Legislative Bus-In Day in February paid off last week when Governor Reynolds officially signed the bill limiting cities and counties from imposing time-of-sale requirements on real estate transactions. You can view the details of HF2286 hereA special thanks to everyone that attended Legislative Bus-In Day to speak to legislators regarding this bill. The bill will go into effect July 1, 2018.

Other Happenings on the Hill: 

We are in favor of the bill that would improve the regulations regarding foreclosed properties. This bill shortens the time it takes for a foreclosed property to be eligible to be put back on the market, and avoid further economic losses for all. Read the bill details here.

We are closely monitoring the bill addressing assistance and service animals for all rental housing. The bill focuses on the definitions of service animals and emotional support animals. It requires Iowa medical professionals to make the determination of a qualifying “disability”, requiring a form created by the Iowa Civil rights commission completed for a person who claim to need a service or support animal, and making penalties for those who “fake” a disability or an animals need.

Landlords may not deny housing to a person who legitimately need a service or support animal; this bill add strength to assure the process/qualifications are not abused by those seeking assistance. Read the details on the bill here.

The administrative rules for the First Time Home Buyer Savings Account have been proposed, and most match what the Iowa Statute indicates for how the program should operate. The IAR has submitted comments to the Legislative Service Bureau for suggestions to make the program more “workable”  - look for a final proposed version of the administrative rules soon.

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This article was written as a collaboration of IAR Staff members or invited subject matter experts.

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