Jamie McManis, 2024 West Central Iowa Regional Board of Realtors® President

In the heart of rural Iowa, Jamie McManis stands as a beacon of leadership within the real estate industry. With nine years of experience under her belt and affiliated with Liberty Realty, Jamie's journey is characterized by a deep commitment to the growth and development of the local real estate community.

Jamie's decision to pursue leadership within the West Central Iowa Regional Board of Realtors® (WCIRBOR) was born from a desire to actively contribute to the industry's advancement in their rural area. Believing in the power of involvement, Jamie sought to ensure that the Association was represented locally while also giving their rural community a voice within the Association. Jamie understands that meaningful change in any industry comes from active participation and advocacy.

As the President of WCIRBOR in 2024, Jamie's priorities are clear: to impact policies and initiatives that directly affect local real estate professionals and homeowners. In an ever-changing landscape, Jamie believes it's crucial for industry leaders to collaborate on regulatory initiatives that safeguard property rights and advocate for the protection of consumers and professionals alike. Enhancing professionalism and ethical standards within the real estate community is paramount to Jamie's vision.

Jamie's role as RPAC Chair for WCIRBOR and serving on the Iowa Association of Realtors® Legislative Committee signifies a commitment to shaping the future of real estate both locally and statewide. By engaging members and ensuring the industry's voice is heard, Jamie aims to cultivate a legislative environment that advocates for property rights, fair housing, and the welfare of professionals and homeowners.

Jamie acknowledges the importance of mentors in their journey, with Travis Bushaw standing out as a prominent contributor and mentor. Travis's leadership style, ethical approach, and commitment to continuous learning have served as sources of inspiration for Jamie as they navigate their own path within the Association's leadership.

For Jamie, the true joy of being a REALTOR® lies in the opportunity to help people navigate the journey to homeownership. Guiding clients through the real estate transaction process and building lasting relationships along the way brings immense fulfillment to Jamie's professional life.

Reflecting on their early years in the industry, Jamie emphasizes the importance of getting involved in both Local and State Associations. Active participation not only provides valuable networking opportunities but also allows for continuous learning and the chance to shape policies that impact the profession. Jamie highlights the invaluable relationships built through involvement in the Associations, underscoring their significance in professional development.

Jamie McManis's journey as a leader in rural Iowa's real estate community exemplifies dedication, advocacy, and a commitment to excellence. As President of WCIRBOR in 2024, Jamie's vision for the future is grounded in collaboration, integrity, and a deep-rooted passion for serving both professionals and homeowners. Through active involvement and advocacy, Jamie continues to shape the landscape of real estate, ensuring a thriving and prosperous future for all

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