Julie Eden, 2024 Southwest Iowa Association of REALTORS® President

In Southwest Iowa, Julie Eden stands out as a committed leader rooted by years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and a genuine desire to empower her community. Julie is a respected figure at Menke Auction & Realty, where she brings a depth of expertise and genuine enthusiasm to her work.

Encouraged by her broker, Julie embarked on a journey into leadership within the Southwest Iowa Association of REALTORS®. Embracing the opportunity, she found fulfillment in utilizing her prior experience while gaining invaluable insights into organizational dynamics. Working alongside dedicated professionals, Julie is committed to supporting REALTORS® on their path to success.

As President in 2024, Julie's priorities revolve around ensuring members are well-prepared for upcoming changes at the National, State, and Local levels. Additionally, she aims to strengthen the association’s connection with communities and members alike. Through proactive initiatives, Julie seeks to foster a thriving real estate environment where REALTORS® can excel and grow.

Julie envisions shaping the future of real estate in her community by elevating the REALTOR® brand, and by championing professionalism, integrity, and community engagement, she strives to strengthen the REALTOR® presence and enhance trust within Southwest Iowa's neighborhoods.

Julie credits her broker, Byron Menke, as a superb mentor who has guided her in both the business of real estate and the importance of volunteering. Byron's mentorship has been instrumental in Julie's growth, emphasizing the value of active participation in state and local associations.

For Julie, the greatest joy of being a REALTOR® lies in working alongside fellow professionals and guiding clients through the various stages of real estate transactions. Building relationships and making a positive impact on clients' lives are the driving forces behind her passion for the profession.

Reflecting on her early years in the industry, Julie's advice to herself would be to recognize the vast opportunities for learning and growth in the industry. While acknowledging the need to continuously expand one's knowledge, she emphasizes the importance of valuing one's existing expertise and contributions.

Julie Eden's leadership exemplifies dedication, enthusiasm, and a commitment to community empowerment in Southwest Iowa's real estate landscape. As President in 2024, her vision for the future is grounded in proactive initiatives, collaboration, and the elevation of the REALTOR® brand.


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