Keenan Schuur, 2024 Fort Dodge Board of Realtors® President

In the vibrant real estate landscape of Fort Dodge, one name stands out as a leader dedicated to progress and community growth – Keenan Schuur. With nine years of experience under his belt and affiliated with Coldwell Banker Associated, Realtors', Keenan's journey is characterized by a commitment to shaping the future of real estate in his community.

Keenan's decision to pursue leadership in the Fort Dodge Board of Realtors® is fueled by a desire to contribute to the ongoing progress and growth in the local real estate industry. As someone deeply invested in the community, Keenan recognizes the pivotal role real estate plays in shaping the town's future.

As the President of the Fort Dodge Board of Realtors® in 2024, Keenan's priorities are clear – expand on community efforts. Keenan believes that building trust and fostering growth in the industry starts with a strong presence and involvement in the community. By engaging in initiatives that benefit the local residents, he aims to create a foundation of trust that will, in turn, contribute to the growth of the real estate sector.

Keenan envisions playing a crucial role in shaping the future of real estate in Fort Dodge, both in the immediate and long term. He aspires to be seen as a guide and mentor by both the community and fellow Realtor® members. Keenan's goal is to model ethical practices, providing a solid base for new members to learn and grow from, ensuring a sustainable and reputable industry.

When asked about mentors, Keenan points to his business partner, Troy Anderson. Troy's willingness to take a chance on Keenan when he obtained his real estate license in 2015 has been a pivotal moment in his career. Troy's guidance and support have not only helped Keenan grow in the business but have also inspired him to pass on the knowledge and support to others in the industry.

For Keenan, the favorite part of being a REALTOR® lies in the diversity of experiences. Helping people from all walks of life achieve their real estate goals brings a unique satisfaction. Moreover, gaining industry knowledge from the leadership within their networks enriches Keenan's professional journey, reinforcing the idea that learning is a continuous process.

Reflecting on his early years, Keenan would advise his younger self to be community-minded. He stresses the importance of building relationships through face-to-face interactions, highlighting that grassroots marketing surpasses other forms of promotion. Keenan emphasizes prioritizing the well-being of clients and the community over immediate financial gains, recognizing the long-term benefits of fostering trust and goodwill.

Keenan Schuur's story in Fort Dodge real estate is not just about transactions but about community, growth, and mentorship. As the President in 2024, Keenan's vision is to be a driving force in shaping a future where real estate in Fort Dodge is synonymous with trust, growth, and ethical practices.

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