Misty Szczech, 2024 Northwest Iowa Board of REALTORS® President

In the dynamic realm of Northwest Iowa real estate, Misty Szczech, with a remarkable 17 years of experience, stands as a leader committed to shaping the industry's future. As a proud member of EXIT REALTY MIDWEST and the current president of the Northwest Iowa Board of REALTORS®, Misty brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her role.

For Misty, pursuing leadership within her local real estate board is more than a title – it's a commitment to growth and collaboration. By being actively involved, she gains valuable insights into market trends, networks with industry peers, and stays informed about the local dynamics that shape her profession. This, in turn, enhances her professional development and fosters a sense of community among fellow real estate professionals.

As the president of the Northwest Iowa Board of REALTORS® in 2024, Misty's priorities are clear and impactful. She aims to build a supportive professional community, offering educational resources and advocating for industry interests. Ensuring ethical practices is at the forefront of her agenda, and staying informed about local market dynamics is crucial for addressing challenges that impact real estate professionals in the region.

Misty's role in shaping the future of real estate in Northwest Iowa is focused on a critical need – producing more inventory. By addressing this challenge, Misty aims to create a more balanced and accessible market for both real estate professionals and clients. This forward-thinking approach positions Misty as a proactive leader, dedicated to ensuring the sustainability and growth of the industry.

Misty's mentor, Brad Sanderson, her respected Broker, serves as an inspiration for engagement and contribution across different levels of the real estate industry. Brad's active involvement at the local, state, and national levels exemplifies a commitment to the growth and advancement of the profession. Misty considers herself fortunate to have such a mentor who embodies dedication and excellence.

For Misty, the true joy of being a REALTOR® lies in the priceless moments of finding the perfect space for clients that they can call home. Beyond transactions, Misty cherishes the emotional aspect of her work, knowing that she plays a pivotal role in helping individuals and families find their ideal living space.

Reflecting on her first year in the real estate industry, Misty's advice to her younger self is clear – focus on making good connections with peers. Building relationships within the real estate world not only supports and educates but also provides a solid foundation for success. Learning about market dynamics, staying informed, and viewing challenges as opportunities for growth are key principles that Misty emphasizes to aspiring REALTORS®.

Misty J Szczech, with her dedication to community, education, and ethical practices, is steering the Northwest Iowa real estate community towards a future marked by collaboration and sustainability. As President in 2024, Misty's leadership is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry, ensuring a vibrant and thriving real estate landscape for years to come.

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