REALTORS® the Key in Real Estate

The Iowa Association of REALTORS® has announced and released images for a new logo representing members of the Association coming in 2017.

Within the hexagon are six individual elements that are shaped like rooftops. The above logo conveys forward movement, like the real estate industry. The colors were chosen to represent each of the areas of real estate. Blue is for Residential Real Estate. Red is for Commercial Real Estate. Green is for Farm and Land Real Estate. The placement of the colors are important, as well. Green is at the bottom with both red and blue resting on it - just as homes and buildings are built on land. Red is slightly higher than the blue to represent the generality that commercial buildings are built higher than homes. All three work together to create the Iowa we know and love. 

We changed the font to create a more modern, clean look. As an Association, the focus is on our REALTOR® members. With this in mind, we made sure to decrease the size of “Association of” to bring the focus to Iowa REALTORS®.

When you look at each of the individual elements as a whole, the general shape is a key. REALTORS® are the key to any real estate transaction. They are experts in their respective communities. REALTORS® are the voice of real estate in Iowa. 

A brand guide with rules on logo usage will be released in the first part of the year. The guide will include correct colors, fonts, and layout. For more information, contact the Iowa Association of REALTORS®. 

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