Sara Samms, 2024 Central Iowa Board of REALTORS® President

With 23 years of experience in the real estate industry, Sara Samms is a seasoned professional dedicated to guiding her peers toward success. She has actively pursued leadership roles in her local board to support volunteers in navigating policy and best practices.
As the Central Iowa Board of REALTORS® President in 2024, Sara has outlined her top priorities. Firstly, she aims to guide members through upcoming law changes resulting from the recent National Association of REALTORS® case. Secondly, she is committed to understanding and addressing the MLS service needs of the membership. Lastly, Sara focuses on engaging the real estate community, supporting local initiatives, and enhancing efforts in charitable events and giving.
Sara's vision for shaping the future of real estate in her community is rooted in her belief that individuals can make a significant impact. Over her 20+ years in the industry, she has witnessed the transformative power of collaboration among professionals. She hopes to facilitate conversations and critical thinking, fostering positive changes for new entrants in the field.
When asked about mentors, Sara acknowledges the influence of Zig Ziglar, particularly in the realm of real estate sales. She values the wisdom and experience of various real estate professionals she has had the privilege to work with throughout her career.
Sara's favorite aspect of being a REALTOR® lies in the diversity of people she encounters at different stages of their lives. The opportunity to hear their stories and be a part of their real estate journey is a tremendous blessing for her.
Reflecting on her early years as a REALTOR®, Sara would advise her younger self to embrace the learning process. She emphasizes that it's okay not to know everything initially but encourages continuous education and effective communication with clients. Additionally, she underscores the importance of practicing skills before interacting with clients to avoid unnecessary challenges.
Sara Samms embodies the leadership, experience, and commitment that make her a valuable asset to both her local board and the real estate community at large. Her passion for collaboration and positive impact sets the stage for a future where real estate professionals can thrive and create a better path for newcomers in the industry.

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