Don Marple Honored With O.G. Powell/Joan Ballantyne Distinguished Service Award

Real Estate: It’s not something you do on your own. You have a lot of help along the way, and often you become the one that lends a helping hand. 

Don Marple, the 2023 recipient of the OG Powell / Joan Ballantyne Distinguished Service Award, knows this first hand. 

He began his career in real estate by following his father, very closely into the business. It might not have been in his blood at that time, but it certainly evolved that way. 

Real estate became his passion. He loved working with people, building relationships and growing in his career. In fact, his career, which has spanned decades, grew step by step from local committee member, to local board president, to state president in 2013 to REGION 8 leader in 2017. For many years, he served on the NAR Board of Directors.

There was simply not a step in the process that wasn’t relished by Don. If he wasn’t criss-crossing the state, he was criss-crossing the midwest, attending events, learning from his colleagues and taking his wife and boys along for the ride. 

The camaraderie was infectious. He felt a part of something bigger than him, and he made sure those around him felt it too. 

When opportunities arose, Don was the first to put his name in to be involved. He’s been involved in countless committees at the local, state and national levels, including those for federal taxation, federal housing policy and membership policy. 

When his time was up, he often asked for more. Though he was kindly reminded that terms were for one year only. 

Over the years, his involvement has become less robust, but his interest in real estate and his passion to shape the industry for others has never faltered. 

He’s not completely retired. In fact, if you asked him, he works the Friends and Family plan, helping those he loves find the places they love. Because he knows that getting from point A to point B requires the help of others, and working together with others has been very special and important to him. 

The OG Powell/ Joan Ballantyne Distinguished Service Award is meant to honor someone who has given long term and meritorious service to the real estate industry. We can all agree that Don Marple fits this bill to a T. 

The Iowa Association of REALTORS® congratulates Don Marple, this year’s recipient of the OG Powell / Joan Ballantyne Distinguished Service Award.


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