Jenn Jansen Named 2023 REALTOR of the Year

As members of the Iowa Association of REALTORS we all strive to uphold the values of being a REALTOR. Each year, IAR recognizes one of the best in the industry with the REALTOR of the Year award. 

Learning, Advocating, Mentoring and Leading. Those are just a few of the things Jenn Jansen does each and every day. 

Displaying true professionalism in every day’s work, Jenn holds the REALTOR code of ethics at the forefront of her business practices. She takes pride in being available to educate clients, staff and the community. 

With a vision and passion for the real estate industry, Jenn has the drive to propel not only her own career but the careers of those around the state. 

Serving profoundly as a leader in many local and state forums dedicated to staying on top of the legislative landscape shaping the real estate industry, Jenn is a passionate advocate for real estate policy and the betterment of the profession.

From serving as the IAR Legislative Committee chair to acting as an FPC and making trips to Des Moines and DC to advocate for her profession, Jenn has a pulse on all political activities in Iowa. And in case you were wondering, she can bust out a parody of Fresh Prince of Bel Air like no other.

Closer to home, Jenn can be found engaged in local community organizations and events, earning recognition throughout the Northwest Iowa region. Her passion for others and community does not go unnoticed. She is respected in her leadership roles and is a friend of all. 

When we think of a selfless and inspirational leader, we think of her! Congratulations to Jennifer Jansen, the 2023 Iowa REALTOR of the Year.

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