RPAC Road Tour Success

"Just because you do not take an interest in politics, doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you."

Realtors across the state demonstrated once again that politics IS their business and that RPAC is the biggest protector of the real estate profession.
The 2019 RPAC Road Tour was a HIT! The goal was to raise $150K in honor of the 50th anniversary of RPAC, however, Realtors across the state SURPASSED that goal by raising $153,000! A special thanks to our RPAC team, Scott Wendl, Jennifer Kingland, and Jamie Horbach and of course, to our special guest, NAR-Past President Elizabeth Mendenhall. 
Here's the board breakdown:
DMAAR: $59,435
ICAAR: $32,035
CRAAR: $18,035
NWIA: $19,000  
SWIA: $15,000
QCARA: $10,000 

If you are interested in attending the RPAC Road Tour next year, please contact Jamie To learn more about RPAC or to make an investment, visit 

Check out our Facebook page to view our video updates from along the tour! 

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