Scholarship Winners Announced


Thank you for sending us your nominations of high school students from Iowa who deserve a scholarship based not only on their academic performance but also on their community involvement and servant attitude. The following students have gone above and beyond for the community and continue to make Iowa a great place to live! Congratulations and best of luck to the following scholarship recipients.

The Judy and Gary Stevens Scholarship

1.  Kelly SueAnn Doty 

2.  Josh King

Iowa Association of REALTORS®

1.      Kaylea Van Regenmonter

2.      Sommer Sinnard

3.      Samatha Reinertson

4.      McKenzie Geiger

5.      Lilly Proper

6.      Lara Gavin

7.      Joshua Arment

8.      Cole White

9.      Madison Case

10.    Colin Dowd

REALTOR Foundation of Iowa 

1.      Will Heaton

2.      Pentera Stowers

3.      Sarah Vaith

4.      Jackson Bishop

5.      Jeret Schrader

6.      Brady Fritz

7.      Chane Eckhardt

8.      Sydney Huddleston

Iowa Association of REALTORS

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