We will be moving

New Building Announcement 

You may have heard that the IAR, along with the Des Moines Area Association of REALTORS® are moving locations. After months of back and forth and searching, we are pleased to announce that we will be moving in February of 2019 to the old Bike World building in West Des Moines.

Why are we moving?

Our membership has grown and so has our need for additional space. Our current building no longer has adequate space to support our membership and staff needs. In order to fulfill our association’s purpose to be Iowa’s trusted voice for real estate, and empower members & associations to achieve excellence, we needed to improve our services and infrastructure. This includes a new and improved website, a customer relationship management system, stats program, a new online education system and finally - a building! With the additional space, we will have additional classroom space with a functional layout and updated technologies to make your learning experience top notch.

One of the goals of the search process was to find a place that our Association could buy and build equity. We all understand the importance of equity in real estate. Leasing a building for another 10-20 years was not a preferred option. We are proud to report our sub-committee reviewed dozens of properties and found an office space for sale that met all of our requirements at a price much more reasonable than the other options on the market. The building committee and the board also approved the location.

What to expect

You can expect regular updates about the building progress throughout the process. However, construction will not begin until August. We are currently working on the layout and identifying member and staff needs.


August - Construction starts

January-February - moving into the new space.

The new space should be open for business no later than February 28. We hope to ready for visitors in early February.  

Special thanks to the following members who served on the Building Committee:

Dave Bert

Brennan Buckley

John McRoberts

Krista Clark

Ken Clark

Mary Shileny

Teresa Morrow

Tracy Brus

Zelda Elwood

Kyle Kelly

John Goede

Iowa Association of REALTORS

This article was written as a collaboration of IAR Staff members or invited subject matter experts.

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