Buying A Home in Iowa

While becoming a homeowner is a rewarding endeavor, it can be a bit overwhelming. Below is a library of resources to ease the process for a successful home buying experience.

iowa home mortgages: Financing Your Home

In order to make sure your purchase is the right fit for you and your family, it’s important to find the home mortgage that fits within your budget. Take a look at our resources below to help guide you through the steps to financing your perfect home.

From Home Mortgages to Inspection Laws: Finding Your Home

Finding your dream home is an exciting time, and it’s even better when you’re not doing it all on your own. Click the links below for tips on each step of the home buying process.

Iowa Housing Statistics and Trends

Visit our housing stats page for charts and data to download.  We also publish a monthly press release regarding the status of Iowa’s real estate market, including Iowa real estate forms.

All real estate is local. If you want detailed housing stats of a city or local area, consult with a local REALTOR® to learn about the latest in Iowa mortgages and home inspection laws.

Iowa Real Estate Form: Filing a Complaint

Ethics Complaint Information

The Code of Ethics is enforced by a local board or local association of REALTORS®, and boards may also receive enforcement and mediation assistance from the Iowa Association of REALTORS® in the form of a professional standards hearing and/or assistance from IAR legal counsel. IAR Legal Counsel cannot represent consumers. If you need legal assistance, please contact your private attorney.

To learn more about filing an ethics complaint form or an arbitration form, visit our resources page.

Ready to Start the Home Buying Process?

If it’s time to make a move, contact one of our Iowa REALTORS® to help you through the process. Get all of your questions answered, and find the home of your dreams today!